Our contracts should be as easy to understand for you as IT is for us


IT is about giving you business advantage, and is not supposed to be weighed down by cumbersome contracts and unnecessary costs. Today, IT is usually a part of the core in every business and the ability to derive and control costs is of great importance. We at Dimac Hosting has a vision of simple and flexible contracts – pay only for what you use – IT on demand.

With us, you never pay for overhead, unused resources, and you get detailed reports on just what you\’ve used and can easily monitor resource usage and costs. It is important to know what you pay for. Many times the budget process is hampered by a lack of economical insight. With our services it is no longer difficult to budget or plan for expansion and future. You always know what it will cost per minute, hour, day, week, and month.

Our contacts should be as easy to understand for you as IT is for us.

Our vision is to be here for you, as a technical advisor and provide professional feedback on what you need to establish a complex and stable IT foundation for your business.

With us you will experience the freedom of not having to commit to long contracts, but instead able to pay only for what you use.

There should not be a problem with growth and expantion. Expand and add as you grow. You no longer need to make disbursements for resources to grow into. We have unique services and unmatched flexible contracts, that can easily grow with you without getting complicated.

Economic Control

We give you total control over your finances.

Simple contracts

Our contracts are easy to understand and requires no commit.


It is no longer difficult to budget your IT, with us you always know what it will cost.

Improved overview

Enabling rapid development of infrastructure in response to your expansion and changes in labor without losing the overview and overall financial control.

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Our services comes with great responsibility and commitment of employees that are characterized by a great interest in their work. No job is too big or too small, and we only take on assignments where we know that we bring the customer a solution  and knowledge.

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