CubeOne Co-Location

There is no denying the importance of geographic proximity when it comes to colocation, but other factors should also be considered in the decision-making process. One colocation datacenter is not like the next, especially when device, networking and infrastructure technologies become more complex. You need to know what, other than location, a facility has to offer for your primary and possibly secondary environments.

When you have your own hardware but need the bandwidth, security, and SLA guarantees in world-class, we are here for you. We’ve built the datacenter and backbone you would build — so you don’t have to build, manage and pay for it all yourself.

Focus on your bussines, we make sure to arrange the rest.

Data Center - CubeOne

We know how important it is to always be able to reach your data. Therefore, we have ensured that our data center never goes out of service.

Downtime is not an option.

We have built our entire environment to be able to keep absolute 100% uptime. This has been carefully planned to the smallest detail. There are critical parts like cooling systems where we maximized energy efficiency and enabled enterprise power supply built for extreme uptime with dual connections in a combination of UPS and diesel generators.

Place your servers in our state of the art data center CubeOne. We’ll take care of the of your servers and deliver maximum uptime with one of the best SLA guarantees on the market. Your hardware will be secured and connected to a data center with redundant world-class technology.




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