Disasters come in all shapes and sizes

Disasters created by Mother Nature’s fickleness or handmade errors can be potentially catastrophic and cause absolutely critical situations for your bussines.

Whatever the scenario, you must have a backup and a recovery plan to avoid catastrophic breakdowns.

The best defense is always a good offense.


The human factor

Even the most careful person can forget a step in an important process causing disastrous results.

Every day our bussines are faced with threats from those who consciously strive to create havoc by viruses, malware, hacking, to name just a few.

Cubeones backup effectively protects your data / files using advanced backup technology so that you can feel secure knowing that your data is “always there” in the event of a unfortunate¬†disaster.

Expand your backup infrastructure with the help of our Enterprise BackUp services for an efficient and secure recovery. Be safe!


We are prepared!

Here you can read more
about our state of the art DataCenter Architecture.




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