The best of two worlds

Take the first step towards a fully centralized desktop solution and reduce administrative costs with VDI.

More and more companies are demanding virtualization products that are easy to get started, and can be quickly scaled up to thousands of users.

We offer unique solutions where new technology provides a complete desktop environment via direct link between servers and thin clients or desktop computers.

Experience freedom with the ability to work from anywhere, on any client.

When you need a scalable, flexible and powerful performance solutions that integrates software, hardware and support – we are here for you.

We offer solutions for effective virtualization of desktop environments in small and large organizations.

With us you will find the most scalable and cost-effective virtualization solution.

Business whereever you Go – Get started today!

Improved business agility

Enabling rapid development of infrastructure in response to your expansion and changes in the workforce.

Work anywhere

Increase your productivity with access to computers and applications anytime, anywhere, from anything – Pc, Mac, thin client, spartphone or tablet.

Smart Storage

All Client data is stored in the same place, which optimizes use of both disk usage and backup options.

Stunning Performance

Experience the same performance on your virtualization desktop as on a local client using our High-End Enterprise technology.

Simplify Desktop Management

Give power to your IT organization with centralized desktop delivery, management and control.




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